Let’s get into it!

Here we are! It’s been a crazy little while, juggling school, music, and life outside of all that, but now we’re ready to jump back on this crazy ride. The site is live, along with new twitter and Instagram pages, and things are getting all polished up! With a new full length album in the works, shows and festivals in the make, and lots of cool places and events where I can meet up with you guys, I hope we’ll all be seeing a lot more of each other! I’ve been all over the place the last little while, doing fun stuff and a lot more in between. Some wicked shows at Fixed in St. John’s, Rotary Arts in Corner Brook, and more, from Pasadena to Lewisporte, as well as just winning the Western Regional Dramafest with an awesome group of actors and friends. With a few of the craziest months out of the way, we’re looking forward to some recording, performances, and lots of fun. I hope to see you all out there! Don’t forget to drop into the rest of the website and join the email list for more details on upcoming shows and events, brand new content, and the best ways to get in contact with me!