These Liminal times

The world today is a changing place. The things we have taken for granted so long are now far from reach, and the important things have become much more apparent. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but you…

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Tracking drums in studio!

Dan George is in the studio this week tracking drums for Liminal, and we got this little preview, right from the engineers chair, for you!


MusicNL Awards weekend!

Thanks Alick Tsui for capturing these photos at the MusicNL awards after-party at The Ship. It was a legendary night, thanks for coming along!

Congrats to all the winners, and fellow nominees for this year, much love to you all…

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Lots of time to jam with the city buried. #snowmaggedon2020 #newfoundland #eastcoast


Just received these photos taken by Copperblue Photography & Design in Saskatoon. Great photos of a wonderful show played last Summer at 134 Homemade Jam, I can't wait to be out touring again this summer!

3 MusicNL nominations!

I'm sorry, what. 


3 MusicNL nominations, WHAT. 

Thank you MusicNL, and huge congratulations to all the other nominees, you guys rock.


New video: To Grow Away (cover)

Need to keep putting out new content for you folks. I get sick of the internet sometimes tho. I'll try to keep keeping y'all entertained.

Letters Tour in Banff!

Finally got to Lake Louise! + new videos on the way soon... #canadiantour#letters #nlmusic

I am going on tour! 

And not just any tour, I am going across the country, all the way to Vancouver, taking trains and cars, and maybe a scattered water vessel at some point. 
I was fortunate enough to be chosen as the VIA Rail…

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Canadian Folk Music Award (CFMA) nomination

I was floored by the news yesterday that I have just been nominated for a 2018 Canadian Folk Music Award, Young Performer of the year.


Congratulations to all the other nominees, it is an honour to be…

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Holy Crosses

In the last few weeks of travelling and playing, and especially these past few days at the ECMAs, a big theme has been the use of music to make a difference. Its always been a tool for change, and…

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Grounded in a Floating World

University life has been a blast and as busy as ever, and with the first semester’s exams finished, its high time for a little rest, and hopefully a lot of music. It’s been nothing but laughs and good times out…

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